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Bulk Discount

Bulk discounts on courses

Enjoy our bulk discounts apply to orders containing any combination of courses in the following sectors:

The courses have no time limit for completion so you can take full advantage of your discount.

You can buy the courses directly from the website. We will create a business account for you and you can assign the courses to the name of the employees who needs that course in any moment by yourself. It's a very easy to use use platform. You can add more courses any time.

  • 15% discount for orders of 5+ courses, use code DIREXTRABULK5
  • 20% discount for orders of 20+ courses, use code DIREXTRABULK20
  • 30% discount for orders of 30+ courses, use code DIREXTRABULK30

To discuss any of your training requirements and budget in more detail, please contact our sales team on or 0161 795 6394.