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Pass Laureati Puglia 2024

The Dirextra's master programme for engineers, architect, lawyers and economics graduates are GRANTED through the PUGLIA REGION PASS GRADUATE TENDER.

Upcoming editions starting:

  1.  in Manchester (UK) on 26.04.2024

The selections are open please send the application form to

For residents of Puglia, the Voucher fully covers registration fees and a contribution of up to € 9,000.00 for board, lodging and transfer costs.

DIREXTRA gives the student the opportunity to participate in the Master without paying any amount. Enrollment will take place upon publication of the rankings and ONLY in the event that the student is the assignee of the scholarship with full coverage of enrollment and expenses for accommodation and meals and transfers.

In this phase, the student will be able to request an advance of 80% of the amount from the Region and will pay the programme to Dirextra only upon receipt.

The programmes are proposed with the support of large construction companies operating all over the world with the aim of hiring engineers / jurists / graduates in Economics with Dirextra Master's degree able to manage the construction processes of major works mainly infrastructural (roads, railways, ports, airports, dams, subways, bridges, stadiums, etc.) but also piping, construction of industrial plants

100% Occupational Placement

The Project “PASS LAUREATI– Voucher for post-university training” of REGIONE PUGLIA aims to promote and support the right to higher education, facilitating the individual choices of deserving individuals through the provision of vouchers aimed at attending  Masters in Italy and abroad.

Dirextra’s Master Programme  can be fully financed with a contribution of:

€. 10,000.00 for the participation fee,

up to €. 9,000.00 for the cost of board, lodging and transfers;

With the notice, the Regional Administration intervenes in support of young Apulian graduates, enhancing their creative, professional and occupational abilities and potentialities. Financeable actions

c) Postgraduate Masters Degree provided by advanced training institutes, both private and public, in possession of documentable experience, at least ten years, in the provision of post-graduate Masters aimed exclusively at graduates. These masters courses must be delivered directly without the participation of third parties (RTI / RTS or other).

Dirextra's master programme respect the eligibility requirements.

How to apply for the grant

To participate it is necessary to have a certified user: SPID (Public Digital Identity System), CIE (Electronic Identity Card) or CNS (National Service Card) and log in to the portal. Puglia system through this digital channel.

Applications, exempt from stamp duty, must be drawn up and forwarded, under penalty of exclusion, only electronically through the online procedure "PASS GRADUATES" made available at:

Dirextra Business School provides students with a full assistance service for successful application's presentation and approval .

More information:

Elisa Ferro’, M. Eng, MEM

phone: +39 392 3338114

Carmen Andre’, M. Eng, MEM

phone: +44 7765796588


To participate in the selections please send the application form to