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Why Malta?

Malta has it all and it’s far cheaper than living in England!

  1. English is an official national language
  2. Country member of the European Union
  3. One of the most peaceful and safest places in the world
  4. Extremely economical
  5. High-quality education
  6. Breathtaking places and landscapes
  7. Perfect climate
  8. Students from all over the world
  9. European Capital of Culture
  10. Frequent Direct flight with England, Italy, France and all over Europe

Easy Transportation

Malta is a small island which makes getting around easy

A Multicultural Capital

The fact that Malta is the only English-speaking country in the European Union outside of the United Kingdom and Ireland, gives it popularity all over the world, especially in the student communities looking for opportunities to study English or pursue higher education programmes.

A great location 

Its strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea puts the island just a few hours away from important European cities such as Rome, Milan, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Istanbul and Athens. When studying in Malta you can travel freely through the 28 European Union states at extremely low prices.