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How to enrol to a Dirextra's placement course

How to enrol to a Dirextra's placement course

Who are Dirextra?

Dirextra Business School is a UK training provider, founded in 2003, specifically oriented towards the International Construction Infrastructure, Engineering and Oil & Gas Sector

“Excellent Training and Know-how for the Construction Infrastructure and Engineering sectors”. This formula has been developed by Dirextra to offer new opportunities to future generations and to offer skilled professional engineers to Construction Companies.

Enrol to a Dirextra's placement course

If you are interested in working in a multinational company in the construction infrastructure and oil and gas sectors, and you dream of a career at the top, take part in the selection for the Dirextra's placement courses.

Engineers, Architects, Lawyers and graduates in economics are the profiles sought by our sponsor companies.

Here you will find the form to fill in: Domanda di Ammissione and send to Dirextra via email:

Dirextra's staff will check the application form and attached documents such as curriculum vitae and certifications, in the event of a positive evaluation, staff will contact the candidate to organise an interview, preferably in person, to carry out the selection process. We carry out the selections in presence throughout Italy (Milan, Rome, Catania, Bari and Naples), in England (London and Manchester) and in Malta (Pieta ').

The selection process consists of two interviews with two different Dirextra's managers, one of which certainly with the Director of the programme, a psycho-aptitude test and subsequently in the following days an evaluation of the candidate will be made, taking into account the graduation grade, CV evaluation, languages ​​spoken, experiences abroad or work and the outcome of the test and interviews, the latter are assigned the greatest weight in the evaluation, therefore also students with a  not very high grade or who did not graduate in time, a high scholarship could be awarded, precisely by virtue of the outcome of the interviews that are motivational and aim to understand, by the recruiter, if the candidate is suitable to work in a company.

Suitable candidates will be sent an admission letter and will be awarded a scholarship by the companies sponsoring the master. At this point the candidate will receive an email with the admission communication, the enrollment contract, the value of the scholarship awarded and the payment plan in installments or in a single solution.

An expiry date for the scholarship will be indicated in the admission notice, which generally is 2 weeks, when the departure of the master is not imminent, otherwise even a few days. This timing indicates that if the candidate does not enroll by that date, the scholarship assigned to him will be released and used for another candidate. Therefore, the candidate can still enroll in the programme even after the deadline, but if the scholarship has expired, he / she will have to pay the full amount.

In the event that the candidate has chosen to register for the course at the Manchester edition in the United Kingdom, after the successful registration, he can apply to join the package including room and board called: easy move to England.

The assigned accommodations are located in the center at a minimum distance from the Dirextra's classroom. The programme takes place at the Crowne Plaza Manchester City Center's convention center, 70 Shudehill, Manchester M4 4AF.

Dirextra is located in the trendiest part of the city in Manchester's Northern Quarter, in the heart of the city center. Close to numerous independent restaurants, bars and shops and within walking distance of all of the city's major cultural and entertainment attractions. The costs of internet, TV, linen change, taxes are all included in the package as well as any deposits.

The package also includes lunch and dinner at the restaurant affiliated with Dirextra or Sicilian NQ 14 Turner Street M4 1DZ Manchester. Informal, cosy and welcoming environment

The Easy Move to England package is of particular importance for those wishing to improve their English quickly in fact the restaurant staff (mostly English or foreigners who have lived in England for many years) have the official task of speaking and entertaining students. and make them progress quickly in the use of the English language. It is therefore a full immersion that will allow students to overcome the language barrier without even realising it.

As for the participants in Malta we do not have packages available, however given the proximity to Italy, the students are able to organise themselves without problems, also finding cheap accommodation near the sea.

The headquarters of Dirextra courses in Malta are: 51 Triq San Luqa, Tal-Pietà, Malta within easy reach of renowned places such as Valletta, Ta Xbiex and Sliema.

The placement's course is in its 35th edition and over the years Dirextra has done constant work to guarantee students increasingly brilliant careers, in this perspective today Dirextra can boast the TOP multinational companies with headquarter in Italy as sponsors (WEBUILD, CIMOLAI, BONATTI, SICIM , RIZZANI DE ECCHER, TREVI, PIZZAROTTI etc.). Companies actively participate by intervening in the classroom both through the didactic part and through the selection of candidates to be included in the company, many companies decide to hire students directly, thus skipping the 6-month internship, in this case the employment objective that it is the basis of the master, it is reached immediately, in the other cases the companies hire the students within the 6-month internship.

The programme wants to train the managers of tomorrow, the starting roles of the students are many and are a function of the aptitudes of the candidates, ranging from construction site roles to headquarters roles.

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