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Giada: Volcanic and explosive like Etna

Giada: Volcanic and explosive like Etna

We present Giada Nikita Toscano... volcanic and explosive like Etna, the symbol of the land from which it comes: Sicily !!!

Giada attended the 29th edition in Rome of the Dirextra Placement course for professional engineers in construction and oil and gas sectors in 2018 and has come a long way since then. From the small Sicilian village of Militello in Val di Catania to the Norwegian Fjords, the step was short for Giada.

Giada's interest in engineering really ignited in 2015 while spending a few months as a researcher at the "Escuela Técnica Superior de Madrid" in Spain. She continued with her degree and graduated in Construction Engineering at the University of Catania (Italy), with honours. In 2018, she wanted to develop her skills and decided to move to Rome and participate in Dirextra's Masters course for Professional Engineers in the Oil, Gas and Construction Sector. 

In the classroom she immediately stood out, both for her undeniable beauty but also and above all for her brilliant character. She was selected by Acciona Ghella Joint Venture (AGJV) and immediately recruited and hired - the goal at the base of this Masters course.

Giada is now a Construction Engineer, specialised as a Quality Specialist for Jet Grouting Works at the UDK02 Project.

We are excited by this immediate recruitment because the Spanish Acciona and the Italian Ghella joined forces and founded AGJV, an innovative company with international experience in tunnels.

Giada was hired to work on the The Follo Line Project which is currently the largest transport project in Norway. The project consists of a new 22km double-track railway line between Oslo central station and the new Ski station, south of Oslo. The Acciona Ghella Joint Venture will build the main part of the 20km long tunnel, which will be the longest in Scandinavia when completed at the end of 2022.

The Follo Line will form the core of the InterCity development south of Oslo and is commissioned by the Norwegian Government Agency for Rail Services (Bane NOR).

After moving to Norway Giada had the chance to attend a specific course for Experts in Execution of Concrete Structures "(U3) and, now, she finally decided to learn Norwegian and she thinks that "det går veldig bra!!!" As they say, "you never stop learning and whoever stops is lost!"

Watch Giada's Testimonial (at the classroom time) here:

After about two years, Dirextra receives a request from Icop, another one of our partner companies,  for a position also in Norway as Site Quality Engineer and we proposed Giada.

Photo: Marianne Henriksen @mariannehenriksen @flettejenta @helehjem @banenor

Today she works for Icop on UDK02 Project (Drammen-Kobbervikdalen project). This is an EPC contract, with an estimated value of 1,827 MNOK, and includes the construction of a 290 meter earth tunnel and a 540 meter concrete tunnel.

Photo: Marianne Henriksen @mariannehenriksen @flettejenta @helehjem @banenor

Watch the project video here:

Giada will still go a long way and we are happy to have given her the opportunity to enter the Infrastructure Sector. We will continue to follow and support her as always happens in our Dirextra family.

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Seby - agosto 6, 2022

Auguri per la tua carriera

Giancarlo - marzo 20, 2021

Sono certo che il futuro è dei bravi e giovani talentuosi e Giada lo è per le sue grandi doti, fra queste, la sua grande intelligenza e il suo sorriso che l’accompagna sempre dimostrando agli altri la grande forza della vera donna siciliana.
Buon futuro Giada.

Kai Otto Olsen - marzo 20, 2021

Hi Giada Nikita!
We are happy and proud of You and your colleagues work in our project UDK02 #safety first @banenor @allehelehjem

Med vennlig hilsen
Kai Otto Olsen
HSE- Specialist
Bane NOR

Maria - marzo 19, 2021

Per la sua giovane età e per il suo grande impegno,e non senza sacrifici,ha dimostrato di essere una donna forte e capabarbia dimostrando che tutto è possibile diventando così una grande donna di successo .Orgogliosi di te ti abbracciamo con amore… tua grande famiglia

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