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Private Bartender Course (20hours one-to-one)-Practical Mixology Course- Experience


Fast-track your way into the bartending industry with 1 week of private one-to-one hands-on training with our highly-experienced instructors in a real bar in Manchester City Center.

Course is very practical 20 hours over 1 week (4 hours per day) but because it's a one-to-one we will plan the week according to your availability and preferences. We can even split the hours over more weeks. 

The course is tailored on your experience so could be a course to start a career into the cocktails making industry or an experienced course for people who would like to develop their career

About timing needs to be between 12pm to 23pm (Monday to Friday only)

📅 week to be proposed by you and approved by us

⏰ Monday to Friday, 4 hours per day or you can split over more weeks

📍 Dirextra Wine & Cocktails School- 14 Turner St, Manchester M4 1DZ


  • Our training room is in a real cocktail bar
  • Gain the equivalent of 3 months bar experience
  • Master 30 classic cocktails
  • You be awarded with a Dirextra's certificate to showcase your skills  at the end of your course
  • Start working as soon as you finish the course
  • Earn some extra cash while studying or working
  • Get a taste of the fast-paced bartending industry and see if it’s for you
  • Start in an entry level bartending position and work your way up to the top

Course Programme

If you are a beginner, you’ll learn:

  • How to set up the bar
  • Basic pour techniques
  • How to make simple garnishes 
  • The art of perfect service
  • how to make 30+ classic cocktails from bramble and whiskey sours to espresso martini and old fashion using fresh ingredients
  • Learn basic bartending techniques like muddling, churning, shaking and stirring. You’ll learn how to layer shots, blend cocktails, pour and use a jigger. You’ll also become familiar with key bar tools and basic equipment
  • Learn the fundamentals of your favourite spirits and their origins to impress friends, customers and potential employers. We’ll cover vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey and brandy. You will also gain an insight into beer and wine
  • On the practical night you will put in place what you learned in a fast-pace bar serving and preparing cocktails for real customers

If you are more advanced, you’ll learn:

  • We'll teach you to prepare any product you could ever need to incorporate into a cocktail. You'll make: 

    • Syrups
    • Cordials 
    • Foams
    • Bitters
    • Fat washes
    • Shrubs 
    • Garnishes
  • Find out how to double shake, roll, & double stir
  • how to make 40+ classic cocktails.Understanding what exists and how the ingredients pair together is crucial for later developing your own signature mixes.
  • You’ll study ice as a vital component of a drink. You'll understand:

    • The purpose & necessary quantity of ice
    • How to use ice to change the dynamics of a drink
    • The effect of different types & shapes of ice

Course Venue

Sicilian NQ,  award winning "Best Neighbourhood  Bar 2023 - Central Manchester", it's a charming mediterranean style wine bar, relaxed and characterful venue nestled in Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter, right in the heart of the city center. Northern Quarter is a cool neighbourhood, with lively street art, bohemian bars and independent shops. It's home to lively restaurants and some of the city's biggest music venues, featuring concerts from trendy independent bands and famous artists.