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NEBOSH National Diploma in Health and Safety (500 hours online)


It's a Diploma equivalent to a bachelor's degree. Recommended for who is an essential first step or wanting a long and successful career in HSE within the United Kingdom only.

100% aligned with UK standards, NEBOSH National Diploma course will help you to develop the knowledge and skills in order to become a fully qualified health & safety practitioner or safety officer to the very highest level. No formal entry requirements exist to enrol on to this NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety Practice. 

If you intend on working outside of the United Kingdom, you must study the NEBOSH International Diploma as this covers international best practices. The International Diplomas omits the requirements of UK Law and Legislation.

Once NEBOSH Diploma qualified, students will be capable of performing the role of a highly skilled Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner (OHASP) or safety officer in any industry.

The NEBOSH National Diploma in HSE is based on UK Legislation. It is made up of four units which must be completed within two years:

Unit A: Managing Health and Safety - 188 Hours

  • A1 - Principles of Health and Safety Management
  • A2 - Principles of Health and Safety Law
  • A3 - Criminal Law
  • A4 - Civil Law
  • A5 - Loss Causation and Incident Investigation
  • A6 - Measuring and Reviewing Health and Safety Performance
  • A7 - The Assessment and Evaluation of Risk
  • A8 - Risk Control
  • A9 - Organisational Factors
  • A10 - Human Factors
  • A11 - The Role of the Health and Safety Practitioner

Unit B: Hazardous Substances/Agents - 115 Hours

  • B1 - Managing Occupational Health
  • B2 - Identification, Assessment and Evaluation of Hazardous Substances
  • B3 - The Control of Hazardous Substances
  • B4 - The Monitoring and Measuring of Hazardous Substances
  • B5 - Biological Agents
  • B6 - Noise and Vibration
  • B7 - Radiation
  • B8 - Mental Ill-Health and Dealing with Violence and Aggression at Work
  • B9 - Musculoskeletal Risks and Controls
  • B10 - Work Environment Risks and Controls

Unit C: Workplace and Work Equipment Safety - 120 Hours

  • C1 - Workplace Welfare Requirements and Specific Workplace Issues
  • C2 - Fire and Explosion
  • C3 - Workplace Fire Risk Assessment
  • C4 - The Storage, Handling and Processing of Dangerous Substances
  • C5 - Work Equipment
  • C6 - Workplace Machinery
  • C7 - Mobile, Lifting, Access and Work at Height Equipment
  • C8 - Electrical Safety
  • C9 - Construction and Works of a Temporary Nature - Hazards and Controls
  • C10 - Workplace Transport and Managing Work-Related Road Risk

Unit DNI: Application of Health and Safety Theory and Practice

  • An 8,000 word work-based project


Units A, B and C of the NEBOSH National Diploma are each assessed by three-hour written examinations. Unit DNI is assessed by an 8,000 word work based project.

About Exams

Exams are held in person at the exam center in Jan or July each year.

Examination fee:You do not have to pay for NEBOSH exams initially. Exam fees are payable when booking your chosen exam date(s). £.400 in total.

Awarding Body: National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH).

The NEBOSH International Diploma in Health and Safety is offered by Dirextra Business School in association with SHEilds Ltd, accredited NEBOSH Centre 548.

Course Level

Equivalent to Bachelor’s Degree.

Students should be aware this is a Degree level qualification. This means the NEBOSH International Diploma is a demanding qualification to study. Students may find it difficult to gain a pass mark, if they do not have prior background knowledge as a health & safety practitioner or the ability to study at Degree level.

What level is the NEBOSH National Diploma in Health and Safety?

A NEBOSH National Diploma is a Level 6 qualification on the NQF, a Level 10 on the SCQF and equivalent to a University Bachelors Degree. To progress further, we suggest moving on to a Level 6 NVQ or NEBOSH Environmental Diploma course.

    Level of English required

    An adequate understanding of the English language is required. Students can both understand and articulate the key concepts contained within the course syllabus.