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Mini Master Cost Control



Cost Control is identified today as a tool that allows you to analyze the current performance of the project. Instead of traditional methods closely related to accounting concepts, you will adopt modern methods of Cost Control.

These methods enable constant performance monitoring for each project. Upon completion of the course the participant will be able to understand cost structure, plan the order budget, manage and verify cash flow throughout the life cycle of the project.

Our teachers use real case studies rendering the course extremely practical and operational.


2 full days (16 hours) Classroom at our Manchester training centre in Manchester City Center - M4 5JW (Northern Quarter) 


The teaching is carried out by experts and certified Project Managers with proven experience in the Construction and Oil & Gas Industries.


  1. Introduction to Management Control;
  2. Control as operational mechanism;
  3. Control process;
  4. Control tools;
  5. The accounting tools of management control;
  6. Cost accounting;
  7. The operating cycle;
  8. Definition of Revenue;
  9. Definition of Cost;
  10. Classification of Costs;
  11. Direct and indirect costs;
  12. Fixed and variable costs;
  13. Cost analysis of volumes - the results;
  14. Costs of decisions;
  15. Margin of safety;
  16. Cost management in the design phase;
  17. Types of analytical accounting - Direct Costing and Full Costing;
  18. Strategic management of costs and cost drivers;
  19. Waste;
  20. Budget;
  21. Process of construction of the Budget;
  22. Contribution margin;
  23. Analysis of variances.


It is aimed at all those who wish to explore the Accounting System Cost Control of a contract and the company personnel who do not have expertise in Cost Control (Cost Accounting) and would like to expand their knowledge base.