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Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment - online training and Accredited Online Invigilated Exam

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The course is designed for those working on construction sites and is a requirement for those wishing to apply for a CSCS Green Card.
In accordance with CITB anyone who is a labourer on a construction site must be a CSCS Green Card Holder.
    • 100% online training, 120 minutes course plus online assessment
    • Accredited Online Invigilated Exam
    • Stop & start at anytime
    • No time limit 

Target Audience

The course is aimed at people starting out in the Construction Industry.

Course Description

Each year in the UK, people are killed, injured and suffer work-related illnesses while carrying out their jobs. So Health & Safety is a significant concern.

The government, employers and workers all have an essential role to play in reducing deaths and accidents and preventing ill-health at work.

This course is aimed at people starting out in the construction industry and can be used as part of their induction process or as preparation for the level 1 award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment.

Whilst this course, Level 1 Health & Safety in a Construction Environment provides you with a qualification in its own right, it can also form part of your CSCS green card application.

The course starts with an introduction to the legal aspects of health and safety before covering the basics of risk assessment and safe working practices. It then goes into detail to cover the most common hazards encountered in construction environments from Working at Height and Respiratory Hazards to electrical and chemical hazards.


The course can be used as part of a company induction process. It can also be used to aid in preparation for the level 1 award Health and Safety in a Construction Environment.

Online training is flexible, efficient and cost effective meaning the candidate can progress through the modules at their own pace and in their own time, so they can fit the training in around their work and personal life.

Further Progression For more detailed information on key health and safety issues we offer a wide range of courses including Asbestos Awareness, Manual Handling, Electrical Safety, COSHH, Working at Height, Risk Assessment and many more.

Online Invigilated Exam

We provide you access to our online invigilated examination which can be taken anywhere.

Our market leading examination system delivers the final assessment direct to you via the internet, invigilated using screen sharing and web cam, allowing  to receive your accreditation quicker and easier without the stress and hassle of visiting a training and exam centre.

As a UK Registered Learning Provider, our online exam is fully accredited by ETA Awards

The Process

  1. Candidate completes the Online Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment course
  2. If a pass is achieved the candidate is issued with an approved certificate
  3. Candidate logs into the exam page and are asked to fill out an exam registration form and for a 2-week window for when they can sit the exam. The system will not allow to choose a date sooner than 72 hours.
  4. After the 72 hours, instructions are emailed to candidate to set up the proctor online recording system. They are required to use Google Chrome and a web camera and microphone to do this. The email will come from proctor exam. Depending on your email settings you may need to check your junk folder if you do not receive it. If you still don’t receive it you can contact Dirextra directly to resend the email.
  5. The system will display instructions to begin the exam. When you click the exam link you then needs to use the same login id and password that you used to access the course.
  6. The candidate then proceeds to answer the questions in the exam. During the exam, the candidate is required to ensure they have a stable internet connection if it drops out it will result in an automatic fail.
  7. Once the candidate has completed the exam they can then close the exam tab and recording tab.
  8. If a pass is achieved the record is uploaded to ETA awards on a Friday afternoon, ETA awards will then automatically email a certificate to you 24 working hours later
  9. The candidate can then apply for the Green Card (CSCS Touch screen test is also required)

Recommended System Requirements

• Browser: Up to date web browser

• Video: Up to date video drivers

• Memory: 1Gb+ RAM

• Download Speed: Broadband (3Mb+)

Duration: 120 minutes (Note: This is based on the amount of video content shown and is rounded off. It does not account in any way for loading time or thinking time on the questions)