Project Managers in Construction Infrastructure and Oil & Gas

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Our Placement Course for “Project Managers in Construction and Oil & Gas Sectors” aims to complete the training of professionals who intend to become involved in the management of complex construction projects. The objective is to supply the students with a complete matrix in the discipline of Project Management, particularly highlighting the critical and crucial aspects in the Oil & Gas and Construction Sectors. At the end of the programme the students will have acquired techniques and tools useful in managing growing complex problems to obtain successful outcomes within controlled timing, costs and contents.

The programme consists of 4 months online training and 6 months (1000 hours) of pratical experience in construction building sites of companies in the construction and oil & gas sectors. During the six months training accommodation and transfer will be provided by the host.

Specialise in Oil & Gas and Construction Infrastructure

The specialisation track in Oil & Gas and Construction Infrasructure provides students with a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of project management in the dynamic oil, gas, construction infrastructure and energy industries. 

Students will grasp the fundamentals of the global economic nature and structure of the sectors and discover the intricacies associated with the sourcing and distribution of energy, and sustaining energy supply chains. Students should emerge ready to take on senior roles within the field.

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