Mini Master Settore Costruzioni e Oil&Gas

Project Management Gestire un progetto rispettando i vincoli che possono essere troppo rigidi

Planning Primavera P6 Conoscenza di P6 EPPM (Enterprise Project Portfolio Management)

Risk Management identificazione, valutazione e definizione delle priorità dei rischi

Cost Control è identificato come uno strumento che permette di analizzare le prestazioni del progetto
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Why has Dirextra chosen Manchester to deliver the Placement Programmes?

Economic prosperity and a growing population are driving a strong case for investment in the UK’s second city. A case further boosted by the UK government’s Northern Powerhouse strategy, which puts Manchester at the heart of GBP7 billion of investment in infrastructure, education, employment and culture.

Enrolling on the Dirextra Placement Programmes in Manchester is a winning choice with regards to the challenges in the employment market. The objectives of our postgraduate programmes are the development of professional figures capable of being competitive in the job market today and finding the pathway to success.

Manchester Experience. World Impact!