Master con Sbocco Occupazionale Settore Costruzioni e Oil & Gas

Placement Courses for Professional Engineers

Dirextra is an Construction Infrastructure and Oil & Gas Engineering School

Dirextra Business School is a UK training provider, founded in 2003, specifically oriented towards theInternational Construction Infrastructure, Engineering and Oil & Gas SectorIt is aimed at those who, after their degree or during their professional careers, intend to undertake an in-depth study of General Contracting for Large Works, Construction Infrastructure, Engineering, Piping, Drilling and Oil & Gas Sectors.

Dirextra has the objective of adding value to entrepreneurial spirit to not only produce “Business” but also to spread specific knowhow in the Construction and Oil & Gas Sector.

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I Master Dirextra Settore Costruzioni organizzati dalla Dirextra sono sponsorizzati da Grandi Imprese di Costruzioni e Grandi Imprese nell'Oil and Gas , prevalentemente General Contractors. 

Dirextra Master’s Programs for the Construction Sector organized by Dirextra sponsored by General Contractor Construction Companies