Controllers in Construction and Oil and Gas

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Why Manchester?

Looking beyond London

The Placement Course for Controllers in Oil & Gas and Construction aims to train Controllers who are able, through the techniques of management control to achieve the objectives set in the most efficient way; with the ability to take immediate corrective action during production.

“Excellent  training  and  know-how  specific  to  Construction and Oil & Gas Sectors”. This formula has been developed by Dirextra  to  offer  new  opportunities  to  future  generations.

During the six months of training on Construction and Oil & Gas sites, accommodation and transfers will be provided by the host company. 

Selection Open for the 27th Edition that will start in Rome on 26 Sep 2017. Selection will be in Manchester on appointment base whenever you like.

The next selection date in Rome will be 6th Sep 2017.

Employment Opportunities

The programme is delivered with the support of large Oil & Gas and Construction companies operating and producing on a contract basis all over the world who aim to hire young people as Company Controllers, Cost Controllers and Planners.

100% placement record for all previous cohorts with employment contracts in companies sponsoring the programme.

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